Rooted to the Land + Rooted in the Waters

A community journey of connection from individual (land) to the collective (water) through a 7 workshop series


Changing our mindsets as individuals and as a community is critical to the health and growth of the community and the things we value. In order to change the systems and structures that are, we have to change our perspectives and challenge our beliefs. We have to reconnect to the planet and begin to imagine ways that things could be.

“We are no longer in times of optional participation or watching the flames rise around us. We are the water. We are the land. We are shaping new ways of relational living while channelling ancestral knowledge. Everything you need is already around you.”

Ecko Aleck, Coralus Venture, Founder of Sacred Matriarch and Rooted host.

Coralus community members who participated in the first iteration of Rooted in 2020 described the experience as deeply transformational, so we’re very excited to be bringing forward a new Rooted experience.

“As an adult, I’m learning to practice self-compassion again. The connection that [Rooted] has given me with so many people across the globe has been really powerful and really impactful, and I’m just forever grateful for this learning—how to hold space for myself and have compassion for myself and trusting myself while doing the same for others has been really powerful.”

Samantha Smith, Activator


Hosted by Ecko Aleck and Sami Bass who offer Black and Indigenous ancestral teachings and practices, Rooted in the Land and Waters is a two-part 7 workshop series that will change the way you see your connections to nature, community, and yourself.

This is also an opportunity for the Coralus community to come together and build deeper, more meaningful relationships as we uncover knowledge together.

*“It’s very emotional, it’s very on point, and it touches a lot of different feelings that might come up for each individual that you might not have wanted to deal with or might be new to you, and it’s a really healthy way of going through that.”

— Ashley Noseworth, Activator*


Open to anyone who has ever been a Coralus Activator or Venture from all regions - we’re calling in our entire community to take part in this experience together.

We welcome people at all stages of their personal growth journey. Whether you have never reflected on these ideas before, if you participated in the first iteration of Rooted, or if this kind of thinking is part of your everyday practice, we need your contributions and insights.

The conversations that come out of Rooted will be foundational to the future of Coralus and the way that we can be in relationship with each other. We want you to be a part of building where we are today and where we are going in the future.

*“I feel HEARD and SEEN for one of the first times in my 30 year-life. There are no words that will clearly describe what Rooted did for me.”

— Frankie Edwards, Activator*

Ecko Aleck, Rooted host

Ecko Aleck, Rooted host

Sami Bass, Rooted host

Sami Bass, Rooted host


Rooted is divided into 2 series, Rooted to the Land (4 workshops) and Rooted in the Waters (3 workshops). You need to participate in both sets of workshops (7 workshops in total) to get the full benefit of the teachings and collaboration.

To include as many people as possible, we will be offering each series twice.

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SUMMARY: Rooted to the Land (Part 1)

Rooted to the Land focuses on recognizing our connection to the lands we live on and those we call home. We’ll spend time learning about how these connections can nourish your individual well-being so that you can show up fully in community. We’ll work through ancestral channelling, healing circles, sacred teachings, and self-locating toolkits.

Rooted to the Land includes 4 sessions, which will each be 90mins in length and hosted over Zoom, with captions available.

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SUMMARY: Rooted in the Waters (Part 2)

Rooted in the Water builds off of the learning from Rooted to the Land. We’ll expand our perspectives to include community care, shared stories, and collective voices, while working to create connections and alignment within the Coralus community. We’ll continue the work from the previous series, and also work through collective connection and alignment.

Rooted in the Waters includes 3 sessions, which will each be 90mins in length and hosted over Zoom, with captions available.

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Be sure to register for one of the Rooted to the Land series AND one of the Rooted in the Waters series!

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